Current Membership List (PDF)

LAUC-I Bylaws, revised July 2020 (PDF)

LAUC-I & LAUC Statewide Service Roles Overview (PDF)


LAUC-I Executive Board 2020-2021

Role LAUC-I Member
Chair Madelynn Dickerson
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Shu Liu


Annette Buckley


Sara Heimann


Carrie Cullen

Chair, Library Review Committee

Jharina Pascual

Chair, Research and Professional Development Committee

Sarah Wallbank

Chair, Program Committee

Jenna Dufour

LAUC Statewide Committees

Committee LAUC-I Representative Term Length & Completion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matthew Flyntz 2 yr / 2021
Professional Governance Audra Eagle Yun 2 yr / 2022
Research and Professional Development Sarah Wallbank 1 yr / 2021

LAUC-I Representation on
UCI Academic Senate Committees

Committee/Council LAUC-I Representative Term Length & Completion
Council on Educational Policy (CEP) Ying Zhang 3 yr / 2021
Council on Equity and Inclusion (CEI) Thuy Vo Dang 3 yr / 2022
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom (CFW) Shu Liu 3 yr / 2022
Graduate Council (GC) Danielle Kane 3 yr / 2021
Council on Planning and Budget (CPB) Kevin Ruminson 3 yr / 2021
Council on Research Computing and Libraries (CORCL) Nicole Carpenter 3 yr / 2022
Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience (CTLSE) Stacy Brinkman 3 yr / 2021
Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools (CUARS) Krystal Tribbett 3 yr / 2021
Subcommittee on Courses & Continuing, Part-Time, & Summer Session Education (SCOC) Jolene Beiser 3 yr / 2022
Board of Undergraduate Scholarship, Honors & Financial Aid (BUSHFA) Nicole Arnold 3 yr / 2022
Campuswide Honors Collegium Board (CHCB) Richard Cho 3 yr / 2022


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