Current Membership List (PDF)

LAUC-I Bylaws, revised July 2020 (PDF)


LAUC-I Executive Board 2022-2023

Role LAUC-I Member
Chair Stacy Brinkman
Vice-Chair  Hector Perez-Gilbe




Nicole Carpenter


Mitchell Brown

Chair, Library Review Committee

Becky Imamoto

Chair, Research and Professional Development Committee

Sara Heimann

Chair, Program Committee

Jharina Pascual

LAUC Statewide Committees

Committee LAUC-I Representative Term Length & Completion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Becky Imamoto 2 yr / 2023
Professional Governance Melissa Beuoy 2 yr / 2024
Research and Professional Development Sara Heimann 1 yr / 2023

LAUC-I Representation on
UCI Academic Senate Committees

Committee/Council LAUC-I Representative Term Length & Completion
Council on Educational Policy (CEP) Wasila Dahdul 3 yr / 2024
Council on Equity and Inclusion (CEI) Nicole Carpenter 3 yr / 2025
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom (CFW) Christina Tsou 3 yr / 2025
Graduate Council (GC) Melissa Beuoy 3 yr / 2024
Council on Planning and Budget (CPB) Audra Eagle Yun 3 yr / 2024
Council on Research Computing and Libraries (CORCL) Annette Buckley 3 yr / 2025
Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience (CTLSE) Krystal Tribbett 3 yr / 2024
Council on Enrollment Management and Admissions (CEMA) Ying Zhang 3 yr / 2024
Subcommittee on Courses & Continuing, Part-Time, & Summer Session Education (SCOC) Sara Heimann 3 yr / 2025
Board of Undergraduate Scholarship, Honors & Financial Aid (BUSHFA) Jenna Dufour 3 yr / 2025
Campuswide Honors Collegium Board (CHCB) Rikke Ogawa 3 yr / 2025


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