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Executive Board

Position, office telephone number (949.82*.****) extension, and e-mail

PositionNameEnd-of-Year Reports
Chair Danielle Kane
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Kelly Spring
Past-Chair Colby Riggs
Secretary Stacy Brinkman
Member-at-Large Nicole Helregel
Chair, Library Review Committee Annette Buckley
Chair, Research and Professional Development Committee John Sisson
Chair, Program Committee Sarah Wallbank

LAUC Systemwide Committees

CommitteeLAUC-I RepresentativeTerm Length & CompletionEnd-of-Year Reports
Diversity Jimmy Zavala
2 yr / 2019
Professional Governance Mitchell Brown
2 yr / 2018
Research and Professional Development

John Sisson

1 yr / 2018

LAUC-I Representation on Academic Senate Committees

Committee/CouncilLAUC-I RepresentativeTerm Length & CompletionEnd-of-Year Reports
Council on Educational Policy (CEP) Christina Woo
3 yr / 2018
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom (CFW) Becky Imamoto
3 yr / 2019
Graduate Council (GC) Matthew Roberts
3 yr / 2018
Council on Planning and Budget (CPB) Julia Gelfand
3 yr / 2018
Council on Research Computing and Libraries (CORCL) Cynthia Johnson
3 yr / 2019
Council on Student Experience (CSE) Brian Williams
3 yr / 2018
Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools (CUARS) Krystal Tribbett
3 yr / 2018
Committee on Privilege and Tenure (CPT) Shu Liu
3 yr / 2018
Subcommittee on Courses & Continuing, Part-Time, & Summer Session Education (SCOC) Nicole Helregel
3 yr / 2019
Board of Undergraduate Scholarship, Honors & Financial Aids John Sisson
3 yr / 2019